Backpacking Tent Fundamentals

Camping Tent Weight as well as Size

The high qualities desirable in a backpacking camping tent are different from those camping tents being pitched alongside an automobile in a camping site. The greatest distinction being that the backpacking tent will certainly be lugged with you and also as a result, should be tiny and also lightweight. A lot of contemporary two person camping tents weight around 4 to five pounds. whereas a roomy family members camping tent can evaluate twenty pounds or even more. Solo or single person camping tents can weigh less than three lbs and also are terrific if you are treking alone. Nonetheless, if you are treking with somebody else, it normally exercises better weight smart to divide the equipment as well as take a two individual camping tent.

Tent High quality

The top quality of the outdoor tents is more crucial when backpacking due to the fact that there is typically no place completely dry to go if the outdoor tents begins dripping. While a top quality outdoor tents is not essential, economical discount store camping tents should only be utilized if the projection calls for clear weather condition.
Being exhausted, damp, and cold understanding the following completely dry location is at least 10 miles away on a rocky route will quickly deter what must be a delightful outdoor experience.

Clips and Sleeves

There are two typical ways that tent poles are connected to the camping tent. One is utilizing sleeves that the posts slide with and also the other is using clips that lock over the posts. Some camping tents even make use of a combination of clips and sleeves. As a whole, clip based designs are simpler and also faster to establish, while sleeve based layouts are more powerful and can be quickly fixed with a needle and also string right at the camp site. For most conditions, I believe the clips are plenty strong as well as are generally better as a result of just how quickly they enable the tent to be set up and also taken apart.

Free Standing and Staked Layouts

Free standing outdoors tents seem to have actually become the norm. Their main advantage is that they can be set up without being staked right into the ground. Risks are still essential to maintain the tent from blowing around, however the risks typically do not need to be driven much right into the ground. Laid tents often tend to be a bit lighter than complimentary standing camping tents, yet need to be bet solidly right into the ground to hold their shape. Laid outdoors tents can be hard to establish or maintain if the dirt is difficult or rough. I’ve ended up being a transform from staked tents to freestanding camping tents after flexing numerous camping tent fixes beyond repair attempting to pitch the tent on difficult rough ground.

Solitary Wall as well as Dual Wall Building

Double wall camping tents are outdoors tents that call for a different rain fly to stay out water. Although they are somewhat much heavier than their single walled counterparts and also take a bit longer to set up, they are generally less expensive, warmer, as well as stand up much better in damp problems. While the reduced weight requirements and little packing dimension of the single wall outdoors tents make them eye-catching, the double wall surface outdoors tents are usually a much better bargain economically.

Three Season and Four Season Specs

3 period outdoors tents are simply that; tents designed for Spring, Summer Season, and also Autumn camping. Couple of individuals go backpacking in the winter contrasted to the various other 3 periods, so the vast majority of camping tents offered are 3 season tents. Four season outdoors tents are developed from heavier products in order to stand up versus the wintertime weather condition as well as are bulkier and more difficult to carry. Some suppliers offer a 3+ period camping tent if you are camping early in the Spring or late in the Fall; but unless you are intending specifically to camp in the winter months a three season outdoor tents is greater than sufficient without unnecessary mass as well as weight.


If you don’t have area to keep your footwear in the outdoor tents with you, vestibules are a fantastic location to keep them completely dry as well as yet outside the primary camping tent. Some vestibules provide enough of an overhang to allow the display or even the door to be open during the rainfall. I directly appreciate really feeling the breeze from a storm while I am completely dry inside the camping tent. Lots of people possibly would rule out the vestibule worth the weight, however they are a good luxury.


While different individuals will certainly choose different outdoors tents based upon various aspects, recognizing the basics distinctions in between tents can help you select the tent layout that fits your hiking style and also problems.